Apurva Sonawane


  • Pursuing PhD. Cumulative, Florida International University, 2017 – Present
  • Masters in Electrical Engineering, Florida International University, 2015-16
  • Bachelor of Engineering in Electronics, University of Pune, 2006-10

Current Research Interests

  • The project focuses on the correlation between nanoparticle distribution on electrode surface,
    electrode response and inter-electrode variability in biosensing. The plasma assisted nanoparticle
    deposition system optimization.
  • Cortisol detection in sweat and saliva samples and its correlation with blood glucose level, and
    various physiological factors as metabolism, physical activity, Heart rate, blood pressure,
    Wake/sleep cycle, emotional state, Caffeine/Nicotine/ alcohol intake.

Recent Publications

  1. Sonawane, M. Mujawar, S. Bhansali, “Effects of cold atmospheric plasma treatment on the morphological and optical properties of plasmonic silver nanoparticles” Nanotechnology, IOP Publishing, 2020.
  2. Sonawane, M. Mujawar, S. Bhansali, “Plasma Assisted Control of Nanoparticle Distribution for Enhancing the Electrochemical Activity of Electrodes” 237th ECS Meeting with the 18th International Meeting on Chemical Sensors (IMCS), 2020.
  3. P. Manickam, V. Kanagavel, A. Sonawane, SP. Thipperudraswamy, S. Bhansali “Electrochemical Systems for Healthcare Applications.” Bioelectrochemical Interface Engineering (2019): 385-409.
  4. Sonawane, M. A. Mujawar, S. Bhansali, “Atmospheric Plasma Treatment Enhances the Biosensing Properties of Graphene Oxide-Silver Nanoparticle Composite” Journal of The Electrochemical Society, 166, 9, B3084-B3090, 2019.

What is Apurva Sonawane working on?